Award winning packaging designs combined, modern packaging machinery combined with the best ingredients to deliver the experience your customers deserve.

We produce private label item for above mentioned categories, of course anything out of it is negotiable!

Rahmani Group is a global producer, marketer and provider of natural ingredients and integrated solution for the Food & Beverage industry. Headquartered in Iran having office in Italy. our modern facilities are fully equipped with the newest machinary from the top industry vendors from around the globe.

  • High production capacity
  • High flexibility
  • Highest hygenic standards
  • Automation of manual labour



Determine together with us how your product should look like, how much it needs to weigh, how it should be packaged… Use your own design and we will implement it on your packaging. Don’t you have this? No worries, we can create a beautiful design in full consultation with you. You have the choice between varieties of available packaging formats we use.


Your own composition executed by us, for you.


Your own range is ready. Our production is shifting hundreds of kilos daily to bring your product as soon as possible to you.​ 5 fully hightechnology & automated production lines take care of your specific mixtures.