My father was a farmer. He cherished his motherland with all his heart. He would spend his day in the fruit gardens and the vineyards of Narjabad in Maragheh to cultivate what he loved the most.

I continued my father’s passion and his journey. Because of the love and commitment which I have towards the people of my homeland, all my efforts have been in line with introducing and providing my fellow Iranians and other nations around the globe, products which have been cultivated here and have their roots arising from our enriched culture, because people deserve the best. The starting point of our today’s products export of our family trade to the neibouring countries have been in line with this aim.

Today my children, whilst benefiting from the knowledge and advance technology of the world, together with the inspiration from their culture and ancient history, are producing products which have the Iranian quality and originality arising from the Iranian people’s heart for everyone around the world. In our infinite path, our culture and our soil, in our treasure.